Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Design*Sponge at Home

Have you ever heard of Design*Sponge?  Oh, I die!  It is THE home of all things design, home, DIY, and more...  If you want a daily dose of sensory overload and amazing ideas (PIN THEM!), you've got to check it out.

I didn't have coffee table books... until now.   My cousin SS sent me a lovely birthday gift of Design*Sponge at Home, a book with an incredible amount of inspiration and design at my fingertips.  It has taken up permanent residence on my coffee table, and I'm more motivated to keep the table clear as a result.  Aesthetics, people!

I love following design blogs and finding inspiration, especially ideas that can fit into my budget with a little creativity.  I haven't really worked on decorating my current living space, since I anticipate a move in the coming months, but I'm stocking away ideas on my Pinterest boards for when the chance to redecorate comes my way.

This book is a great gift for the person in your life who loves home decor!


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