Monday, April 16, 2012

Kitchen Storage: Pyrex

I've loved Pyrex for years.  Their mixing/measuring cups and bowls are my best friends in the kitchen, and their large baking dishes are used frequently.  I love that they are clear/glass/classic, and that they are build to withstand both heat and cold.

I had a rag-tag, mismatched collection of random plastic storage ware in my cabinets, and I loathed them.  I've had them melt, take on tomato sauce stains, crack, you name it.  They were cheap, yet I kept buying them because they were cheap.  But I didn't feel good about that plastic.

Living alone, I find that food storage is important! Cooking for one seems nearly impossible; I'm all about leftovers, and packing those into lunches for work.  I wanted something that would stand up in the fridge, freezer, and microwave.

When I received an incredible coupon to shop at Steamy Kitchen, I instantly knew what I needed: Pyrex. I now have both round and rectangular storage dishes, with corresponding lids.  I got rid of the plastic stuff at a yard sale (seriously!) and switched over to these truly reusable gems.  I couldn't be happier.

The small containers are perfect for packing my work lunch, and I think the lids create a better seal.  They're perfect in the microwave, too!  In addition, some of my larger dishes have ended up being perfect for the freezer; instead of larger casseroles, I create multiple 'mini' versions that are more proportioned to a single-gal household.  Plus, they're totally dishwasher safe, even OVEN safe... you can't beat it.  I wish I'd bought them years ago, instead of adding up the cost of so many plastic containers.

Have you bought anything new for the kitchen lately?

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  1. I love my Pyrex baking and storage dishes. However, I like my OXO measuring cup better than my Pyrex ones. The OXO measuring cup has the measurements printed on the side and inside the cup so you can see how much you've poured while looking down into the cup.


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