Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekly TV Rundown

My weekly digest of the shows I watch, and new shows I'm trying out! 

Colette, from ABC's Pan Am

Pan Am:  This episode kept me tuning in, but I was kind of disappointed with Maggie's obsession with seeing President Kennedy.  It made her seem very weak and effeminate, when I viewed her as more of a rebel stewardess who was more in tune to current events/whatnot.  It made her seem weak.  I also didn't care for the spy thing going on, it is becoming too much of a storyline.  What I DID appreciate was Colette's back story, and her emotional trip to Berlin.  It seemed a bit overly dramatic, but it was still moving to watch.  If it continues this way, I'll skip the show.

Real Housewives of New Jersey:  My review of the season finale is here.

Terra Nova:  I had already decided this was Terra Nova's last week to win me over before getting deleted from the DVR.  Well, due to some baseball game, I only got to watch about 10 minutes recorded... and decided it didn't bug me I didn't have to stick around.  Terra Nova is getting deleted from my DVR.

The Sing Off:  This show is too long.  I hate to say it, but it's true!  Two hours?!  It should be an hour maximum.  I still skip everything but the performances, fast forwarding the whole way through.  There are too many groups this year; this back-and-forth thing sucks, and one set of groups was definitely stronger than the other, making the eliminations seem unfair.  I liked the 'Edge of Glory' performance by the Deltones.  The old guys in North Shore were cute on Bruno Mars' 'Lazy Song'!  But these guys were pretty fun.  The 60s songs I liked less, because people don't take as much risk in the arrangements... it's very literal.  The North Shore guys kicked BUTT in it though, because that's perfect for them!  I think they won the lottery on song choice for the episode.  I wasn't surprised when Sonos got voted off, because they are overly dependent on pedals to synthesize performances and therefore had trouble translating to straight a cappella.

The Little Couple:  I can't wait for Bill and Jen to move into their new home!  And I want to know of the surrogacy is working out.  It kind of sucks the past few episodes have just been 'filler' with no new house, no new baby news.  Come on, I want to know how it goes!

Hurray ABC, Revenge AND Suburgatory?
Way to go!
Suburgatory-  I really like the cast on this show.  Cheryl Hines and Ana Gasteyer are awesome!  Tonight's best quote: "C'mon, without the P we're just T & A!"  :)

Revenge-  This show is awesome.  I get excited to see it on my DVR.  Anyone else think that Victoria's younger daughter could be Emily/Amanda's half-sister?  It is kind of this great schadenfreude feeling to watch her take down one of the 'bad guys' every week, but I am curious to see whether she truly falls for Daniel or not.

Grey's Anatomy:  Okay, so this is for both last week and this week's episodes...  I thought that last week's male-centric episode was actually enjoyable.  They should focus on the guys more often!  It was strange not jumping into Cristina/Meredith's heads, but I honestly didn't even notice for the hour as I was entranced in the lives of the men.  That said, I don't think Derek/Meredith are going to last.  It is torturous, and McDreamy has quickly turn to McBastard.  I'll be okay if he leaves the show.  I enjoyed this week's episode (featuring Avery's famous surgeon mother) a lot more, thought I am still mad at Derek.  I was surprised at how natural Cristina was with Zola, and I could understand why Hunt was kind of sad seeing her with the baby.  Also, April DOES need to lighten up.  I think that the past two episodes have both been good, even though SOMETHING has gotta give in the MerDer department.

Project Runway:  My review of the latest episode is here.

In other TV commentary...
I really enjoyed watching a recent documentary called "Six Days to Air: The Making of South Park" to see how each episode is pushed out in just six days.  It's a crude show, and I don't always like it, but I really admire Trey Parker and Matt Stone!

Charlie's Angels was cancelled, per my prediction.

I still watch/record The Millionaire Matchmaker, and I still like the episodes!  Even though the people are wacky.  I just wish they would show follow-up stories.  Come on Patti!!!!

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