Friday, October 21, 2011

The Perfect Steak @urbanaccents

I have perfected the art of making steak at home.  I LOVE STEAK.  ME CARNIVORE!!!  And guess what?  It doesn't involve a grill.

I read in some books and magazines that the trick to home-cooked steak as good as the restaurants is to pan-sear the steak for 90 seconds on each side (I use olive oil in the pan), then bake it at 450 degrees for 6-9 minutes, depending on how you like your steak cooked.  Then let it REST for 5 minutes.  I'm telling you, this is easy and foolproof.

I also really believe in marinating/seasoning your steak.  I like to take a top sirloin or ribeye (I buy in bulk at Sam's Club) and brush it with olive oil.  I season it with a variety of things, sometimes just sea salt (or a fancy salt like Williams-Sonoma's Wild Porcini Sea Salt)  but lately I am working with the spice blends from Urban Accents.

When I was shopping in Blue Ridge recently, the boutique I stepped into had some of these spice blends. I decided to purchase the Chicago Steak & Chop and the Argentina Steak Rub.  I'm telling you, I am in LOVE.  The Chicago Steak & Chop is just classic, and if you follow the instructions above, you will create a steak that will land you a MAN.  (Or woman.  Whatever.)

I was looking at their site (Shoutout, Chicago!  Midwest love!), and I really love their collection!  I'm having trouble deciding which one I will purchase next.  I'm always looking for something that could possibly do double-duty for steak and chicken, and maybe even work for pork.  Up for consideration are: Mushroom Truffle Hunt, Sonoma Pepper, and Kansas City Classic Rub.  If I hadn't just stocked up on my exotic/Indian spices, I would buy out Padma Lakshmi's line!

If you want to save money by making your own delicious steaks, take my advice... buy this seasoning, pick up some sale-priced steak, and serve it up at home.  You may skip out on pricey steakhouses from now on, because you can eat this stuff at home in your sweatpants!  :)

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