Friday, November 19, 2010

Prescribed by Dr. Dre

"People aren't hearing all the music." That's what Dr. Dre said when he teamed up with Monster to create his own line of headphones and speakers. I haven't given much thought to headphones in general, until now. I've always been content to use the ones that come for free with my iPod or buy cheap replacements, as need be.

Then my friend RB told me about Dr. Dre's line of earbuds, and how they have enabled her to hear sounds in her music that she never heard before. She raved about these headphones, and then she mentioned two words that are very near and dear to my heart: Lady Gaga. I became intrigued.

It turns out Dr. Dre has allowed both Lady Gaga and Sean "Diddy" Combs to create headphone lines under his own headphone label, allowing that quality sound to stream out through aesthetically different styles. Diddy's earbuds are sleek, all-black, and look very polished. Gaga's Heartbeats headphones are distinctly hers as well, stylistically her own but with Dre's club-caliber sounds pumping through the headphone.

The prices for these headphones are steep; the cheapest model runs around $120. But for those who are so into music that sound quality is everything, that's nothing to spend on some quality earbuds to take with you because your giant Bose noise-cancelling headphones won't fit in your pocket.

So this morning, RB walks up to me with a box in-hand: a silver/white pair of Gaga's HeartBeats! She got them for an amazing deal, so amazing I won't mention it here, and I bought them from her on the spot. Nervous about the sound quality, I immediately tested them out. HOLY COW. I LITERALLY heard things in my music I had NEVER heard before. Beats and notes and background vocals, and the earbuds cancelled out virtually every other sound in the room. I was five feet from a TV but couldn't hear a thing but my music, even on a low volume setting.

I've never been a sound junkie, but these headphones have rocked my world. They come with a warranty, three sizes of earbuds so you can custom-fit them to your ear, and a cute matching carrying case.


Update: My friend DD asked to see what the headphones look like in action. I obliged, and he said I looked like a robot with those sticking out of my ears. I said, "But they're Lady Gaga!"

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