Friday, November 12, 2010

Passion for Fashion

I love clothes. Shopping, wearing, reading... I love glossy magazines filled with ideas on how to wear clothes and accessorize. The internet, in its infinite awesomeness, has made this hobby of mine even more limitless, not to mention FREE. I still buy the occasional glossy mag, but now with the number of blogs and websites dedicated to style, I have everything I could ever want (and more!) available right at my fingertips.

Here are a few of the sites I'm perusing...

The author of these blogs, Jean, is a professional stylist and CEO of, which allows you to describe the girl you are shopping for and hand-picks gift suggestions for you. (Probably the greatest website created for clueless males ever, right?) Most recently, she has taken Texas by storm and organized Fashion 2.0 Meetup in Dallas.

Why do I read these blogs? Each one is unique, in my mind. Style Observer is on point about trends. It gives great ideas on what to wear for different occasions, how to tailor a recent trend to your own personal style... as someone who is struggling with a fashion identity crisis, it's just chock full of ideas for me. Girl at the Mirror is my new favorite, mainly because of all the beautiful pictures. Jean actually shows what she is wearing for different events, or even "non-events" like going shopping or meeting up with friends. For me, seeing the entire outfit put together is beneficial, because I get an idea of how to actually "style" what I'm wearing when I choose individual pieces. It's more about the whole picture, what you see in the mirror... not just what's on the hanger.

I'm a little obsessed with celebrity gossip (how many people can recite the names of Brangelina's children in birth order?), so I'm already reading on
a daily basis... but lately I've gravitated more towards their style section, because I'm just as interested in what celebs are wearing as what they're doing. Their fashion do's and don'ts are fascinating to me, and I especially love when I see them wearing something more than once or something affordable for the average girl. I also love perusing the gowns during awards season! Who What Wear Daily, which I used to read more often than I do now, does the same thing for me. It shows trends, and what celebs are wearing. But it also focuses on what lesser-known fashion icons are wearing, specifically models and magazine editors, who are trend-setters for the trend-setters. Definitely worth checking out, even though I couldn't wear half the things I see there.

Keyword: Trendy. I still shop at Forever 21. I can't get pass the super-cheap prices. I steer away from the stuff that's just too young for me, but it's great to be able to shop
somewhere I can try on the latest fashions but not break the bank on things that will only be popular for a season. When I can't get to the store, I still look at the website... who doesn't fill up shopping carts online without hitting the "Purchase" button? Even if I'm not buying, I use it as a way to see what's popular. Right now I'm loving their more conservative line, Love 21.

Maybe with all of these resources, you too will be inspired to become your own personal stylist and start mix-and-matching pieces you already have in your closet.


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