Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tiny Strawberry Cakes

The Cake Mix Doctor's Fresh Strawberry Cake recipe has been a perennial favorite of my coworkers for years now.  I keep trying to tell them how simple it is to make, but I think they're now convinced that it's "Aubrey's strawberry cake" and not the genius that is Anne Byrn.  Sorry, Anne!  I'm a big fan, and I'm SUPER PUMPED she is speaking at a DAR event this coming April.  I NEED her to sign my books!

It was my friend JL's birthday, and like our other friend MM, strawberry cake is her preferred birthday baked good.  This is an annual tradition now, I'd say!  But now that I can make this cake in my sleep (memorized it, seriously), I wanted to do something a little different with the cake itself.

I used a biscuit cutter to make little mini layer cakes, with piped frosting in between.  I put them in cupcake liners, and people ate them with forks.  They did slide around a little, so next time I'd probably refrigerate them so there's no lopsided cakes sliding around.  I used a gold glitter-like sprinkle, and it felt very feminine and stylish for my friend JL.

These cakes are easy, but I got enough comments about them on my Facebook that I figured I'd share the photos in a post!

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