Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday Lately: Holding, Closing, Going, Watching, Expecting

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What a week!  Anyone else just feel behind in EVERYTHING?  It's this darn short month of February.  So I'll just start off with a happy picture of one of my coworkers being adorable and visiting my desk... If you're new around here, yes, we have dogs all over our office!

HOLDING...  my friends close!  I got to see my old friend VG this week for tapas, and I spent last night with my friend SM and her kiddos working on some DAR things and enjoying wine and pizza.  Spending time with people tends to wear me out, but it also makes me feel love!

CLOSING...  2016 taxes!  I got everything ready for the accountant today, so I can tackle other things.  Woohoo for actually checking stuff off the list, right?  Time for a cuppa.

GOING...  to Arizona next Saturday!  I'll be there for about 9 days, 5 of them for work, the others to spend time wedding planning with my little sister.  Traveling for work is both exhausting and rewarding.

WATCHING...  North & South again on Netflix.  It's one of my favorite British TV serials, proving I thought Richard Armitage was dark and handsome well before The Hobbit movies.  I've watched it so many times (even own it on DVD) that I played it while I was cooking.  I baked this chicken alfredo baked ziti while listening to the movie... Oh, and I added chopped sun-dried tomatoes to the recipe and the extra zing of flavor was yummy!  So good that Dan even ate the leftovers, which is not something he enjoys that much.

EXPECTING...  a more tidier kitchen from now on!  We had a mess of tea in a drawer and a nice bag of coffee, so I got canisters at White's Mercantile in Franklin to organize them.  I also reorganized our piles of sparkling water cans in the fridge with a rack.  It's so much more efficient!


How was your week?

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