Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday Lately: Procrastinating, Hiding, Imagining, Sharing, Praising

What a week!  I'm publishing this in the afternoon because I've been out and about.

PROCRASTINATING...  a few things I need to do for DAR.  December, January, and February are really busy due to reporting season.  I have piles of papers on my dining room table that I NEED to set a few hours aside to comb through.  It's a bit overwhelming, and between work and other responsibilities I just haven't gotten the right headspace to tackle it.  I focused this past week on our chapter's meeting, since I was leading it while our regent (leader) was on a business trip.  Since that's done, I just need to focus on this!

Instead I have a pictures of my cats.  My new iPhone is awesome.

HIDING...  some new Happy Planner stickers that I bought.  Teehee.  Like I needed more stickers.  And I'm hoarding books again.  These types of things bring me joy.

IMAGINING...  all the vacations.  Escape from the news.  Eating, drinking, reading, walking, taking photographs.  But little trips to good restaurants feel like small spurts of escapism.

Boutonnieres from Galentines brunch 

SHARING... my time with my friends!  This was truly a week of friends.  Last weekend, my friend Lindsey came in from Rhode Island.  This week, I had pizza and prosecco with my friend B.  Then this morning, I had an early Galentines brunch with four of my local friends.  We all met through blogging, which is kind of awesome, because it led to real-life friendship.  Making time for friendship is fuel for the soul.  You need to make it a priority, or you'll lose it.

PRAISING...  The movie Hidden Figures was so good, I need more!  I've got the audiobook downloaded, because non-fiction source material is my jam.  Seriously, it's Black History Month, do this one thing and learn about how these women shaped our nation's space race and history.

  • On the Blog:  A big roundup of meal kit reviews like Blue Apron and Plated.  Check it out if you've ever considered trying one of these!
  • On Twitter:  RTed Jenna Bush Hager, with quotes from one of her father's speeches.  I was surprised too, but she and I are in agreement on the state of things right now.
  • On Pinterest:  In love with the idea of these Asian-inspired soaking tubs.  Much more effective in immersing your whole self than a bath to me!
  • On Instagram:  I baked mini layer cakes for my friend's birthday.  I'll tell you how I threw them together soon!  Not rocket science, but the effect was super cute.
  • Shopping:  We've been daydreaming about vacations, so this book about Sweden is sitting on my wishlist.

How was your week?

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