Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse Nashville

My coworkers in Cincinnati (and coworkers who have traveled to Cincy) have mentioned Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse to me, and then one of my friends mentioned there was a new one in Nashville.  Dan loves steak, so when I got tickets to the Nutcracker by the Nashville Ballet, I bribed him with steak.

Firstly, if you're attending a show at TPAC, this place is PERFECT.  You can valet your car, validate it with your meal, and leave the car while you walk two short blocks to the show.  Winner-winner!  The entire place is totally upscale, and I highly recommend securing a reservation.  There's a bar area, in addition to the restaurant.  The decor is bold, and the restrooms are really cool.  I love that each of the ladies stalls have their own sinks in them, like a mini bathroom of their own.  Loads of supplies, flossers, etc. too.

Jeff Ruby's is a white-tablecloth, impeccably serviced, top notch steakhouse.  The prices are expensive, but not obscene for a high-calibre steak joint.  We ordered a bottle of wine.  The list was extensive, and the cocktail menu was good too.  Dan had a post-dinner Manhattan that he liked a lot too.

Sorry for the dim lighting photos.

As we waited for our steaks, they brought out hot bread and two types of butter, artfully arranged on a dish with the Jeff Ruby emblem.  Dan loved the butter with truffles.

For dinner, I went with my standard filet mignon.  We had shared sides of macaroni and cheese and the truffled cream corn.  Everything was delicious, and the portions were generous.  In a rare occurrence for me, I actually thought the corn was even better than the signature macaroni.  They also have a sushi menu and dessert menu, but we were entirely too full to enjoy another bite!  Dan isn't a big leftovers guy, but he was thrilled when the server arranged for us to have ours packed up and stored in the walk-in while we went to our show.  When we retrieved them, they were in a beautiful reusable tote bag (great marketing!) and brought to us with gratitude for visiting the restaurant.  All in all, the service was one of the highlights of the visit (I believe our server's name was AJ... shoutout!) and it's the reason we'd come back again for fantastic steaks.  I think I prefer it to Bob's at the Omni, but on par with Kayne Prime.  It just depends on what experience you want.

There's also live entertainment in the restaurant, so if you're looking for quiet romance, this isn't the place.  It's more of a fun night out before a show, splurge date kind of thing.  (If you're looking for a quiet, romantic steakhouse in Nashville, check out my review of The Standard, or if you're looking for a more modern steakhouse, check out my visit to Kayne Prime.)

We were all dressed up for the ballet, too... and I failed to get a good couple photo minus this selfie.  Sigh.  But we cleaned up nicely.

What's your favorite steakhouse?

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