Monday, January 30, 2017

Budgeting Bloggers: January 2017

First off, my Christmas gifts, post-Christmas orders, all of it is hitting January 2017.  So this month is  heavy-spending one for sure, and I went a little crazy.  Lots of Lularoe piece from different sellers!  That said, it's also a fresh year and a fresh budget.  As mentioned in last month's post, I decided $2500 is a reasonable annual budget for me this year.

Aubrey's 2017 Budget Ground Rules:
  • $2500 annual budget goal
  • Pajamas, socks/hosiery, underwear, and specific needs for work/DAR do not count against budget as one-offs
  • ALL clothing and accessories count, including activewear
  • Any clothing sold (via Poshmark, etc.) is subtracted from the monthly spend, to encourage me to trim the closet
  • Purchases made with store giftcards do not count against the budget, but gift cash does because I could use it on other things
  • Link up monthly with the rest of Franish's budgeting bloggers for accountability and sharing!  I love seeing what other bloggers are shopping.

  1. Lularoe Carly Dress ($55):  The Carly is a high-low trapeze dress of sorts.  I wasn't sure I'd like it, but the green heather one I got works perfectly for weekends.  It's long enough I can wear it without leggings if I want to, and it's very comfortable.  I could belt it probably.  Not my new favorite given the price, but it's a different silhouette that I'm trying!  Dan liked it.
  2. Lularoe Nicole Dress ($48):  I didn't know if I'd like the Nicole as much as the Amelia (my favorite LLR dress), but given it is $17 cheaper, I decided to give it a try.  It's definitely a flattering cut, and I think that I'll buy more in the future if the print isn't available in Amelia.  Amelia still wins for adorable tailoring and pockets, but Nicole is my #2 LLR dress now.
  3. Lularoe Madison Skirt ($46):  I couldn't resist the floral for spring and summer.  I think I'll wear it with my mustard tops and cardigans for an obnoxiously bright weekend outfit.
  4. Lularoe Amelia Dresses ($65):  I bought two of my favorite LLR dress from a different seller than the ones above, because they had my favorite color (mustard yellow) and a darker maroon shade.  They have texture but are solid colors, which is perfection.  Couldn't resist, I'd been looking for that yellow color!
  5. LOFT Ponte Five Pocket Leggings in black (originally $70, paid $35)  I wear black ponte pants to work almost every day, and getting a pair for under $40 is a bargain.  So I stocked up, especially since the pants I used to buy at The Limited are gone with the closing of that store!
  6. LOFT Zip Pocket Pintucked Ponte Leggings in grey and black (originally $70, paid $35 each):  See above.  NEED ALL THE PANTS!
  7. LOFT Paneled Mixed Media Shell in vibrant cranberry and ocean sapphire (originally $40, paid $18):  I wear a lot of cardigans and blazers, so I need shells or tanks to wear under them and coordinate.  I used to just buy these at Forever 21, but the quality was lacking.  So I used a great LOFT post-Christmas sale to snag a bunch.  I've already been wearing them.

8.  LOFT Cascade Shell in radiant crimson (originally $44, paid $22)
9.  LOFT Mixed Media Split Neck Shell in whisper white (originally $40, paid $20): This one feels like a blouse in front, and a soft t-shirt in the back!
10.  Target Kamar Shearling Style Boots in grey (originally $35, paid $25 on sale):  These are now even cheaper on sale, but I wanted some comfy boots like Uggs.  Now I want some in a tan color, in a taller height perhaps.  Maybe I'll hold out for post-winter Uggs sales.
11.  Anthropologie Bow Jacket similarsimilar splurge (new $119, paid $45 with shipping via Poshmark): I have been looking for tweed jackets to wear for work and DAR events, and I found a couple of nice ones used on Poshmark.
12.  Talbots Prospect Tweed Nautical Jacket similar (new $94, paid $23 via Poshmark):  I used a $5 credit on this one, and it was a steal.
13.  Aerosoles Solid Bet Loafer via DSW (originally $50, paid $40 with DSW rewards):  The MOST COMFY LOAFER EVER.  If I could buy these in a zillion colors, I'd livein them forever.

$577 spent - $48 sold = $529 total spent this month

$2500 - $529 = $1971 remaining in 2017

Has anyone seen a good deal on soft, ponte knit blazers?  I feel like mine are starting to pill.  So while I'm gonna attack them with a lint/pill shaver (one of the best inventions ever), I might want to start looking for replacements or new colors.

Here's what I got for Christmas by way of closet additions, not pictured, but listed!
  • Limited Mixed Media Top
  • LOFT Tassel Necklace
  • Limited Ponte Pants in grey
  • ELLE Peter Pan Collar Dress
  • Italian leather green cross-body
  • Red Scottish scarf

I'm linking up with the rest of the Budgeting Bloggers at Franish!

What did you add to your closet this month?

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