Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Budgeting Bloggers: December 2016

It's time for my last shopping post of the year!  I really do enjoy keeping track of what I buy (and how much I sell) in order to have what I love in my closet.  I do think it holds me accountable and helps me avoid being insane.  Well, minus this quarter where I blew my budget on sales.

Given the hectic holidays, I will be covering unopened packages (Lularoe coming!), Christmas gifts, and after-Christmas shopping items in my January 2017 post, so here's what I bought myself in December other than that.

  1. Lularoe Amelia Dress ($65):  I'm always on the hunt in a few LuLaRoe groups for Amelia dresses, Madison skirts, and the occasional leggings.  I found an Amelia in a beautiful color, which I actually just used for some photos for my blog and other things.
  2. Pinup Girl Clothing Madison Dress in Blue (originally $132, $55 via Zulily):  I couldn't resist getting this dress for a song via Zulily, especially since it's still available for full price on PUG.  It's work-appropriate but also pretty and vintage-looking.  Win!
  3. Lazy Sunday comfy cardigan via Finnley's ($45):  I was in downtown Franklin with my friend during a local festival, and she turned me on to Finnley's, a local boutique.  OMG I wanted everything in there!  And honestly, it's all reasonably priced.  I couldn't resist the incredibly soft cardigan I found for layering.  It shed a lot of lint, but I think after a wash it wille be better.
  4. Honey Belle fleece vest via Finnley's ($49, similar):  I never pulled the trigger on buying a herringbone vest from either Old Navy or J. Crew, but when I saw this lighter colored one, I loved it!  I wear my two quilted vests a lot this time of year, so it's going to be well worn.  I even wore it for family photos this month.

$214 spent -  $84 earned/sold = $130 total spent in December

Quarter Budget: $500 - $176 in October - $463 in November - $130 in December = $269 OVER BUDGET

I blew my budget, but given the amazing shopping in the last quarter of the year, I don't really feel too guilty about it!  I did sell a decent number of items too, offsetting my spend.

Reflecting on this past year, I've decided that since I got a raise at work and I want more overall flexibility, I'll be working with an annual budget vs. a quarterly one in 2017, to see how it works.  I've done monthly and quarterly before as I've been tracking, so this is just another variation.  I've decided that my budget for 2017 will be $2500.  I'll explain my personal "rules" in next month's post!

In the meantime, I've added a bunch of things for sale to my Poshmark closet, so check it out if you're in the mood to shop.

I'm linking up with the rest of the Budgeting Bloggers at Franish!

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