Thursday, June 2, 2016

St. Elmo Steak House

Since I celebrated my recent graduation and promotion at Etch with my mother-in-law, it was only fair that I take my parents out to celebrate too, right?  (Even better, I get to go to both meals!)  So I was able to finagle my way into a reservation at St. Elmo Steak House in Indianapolis, serving up some of the best steaks (and THE best shrimp cocktail) in town since 1902.

This was my first trip to St. Elmo, but I've been wanting to go for years.  (And yes, it's the steakhouse Ron Swanson loves on Parks and Rec.)  We had a reservation, but since we were early we headed up to their 1933 Lounge.  But then we got seated so quickly, we headed right back downstairs to get our meal on!

Of course, we had to have their shrimp cocktail.  The shrimp are jumbo, and the sauce has so much horseradish that it packs a real punch!  The kick is quick, and the results are delicious.  It's no wonder this is what they're famous for after all these years.

For my main course, I went for a filet mignon, with their red skinned mashed potatoes as my side.  Solid choice!  You also get navy bean soup or tomato juice with your meal.  The steak was wonderful!  Definitely a high-end steak, perfectly cooked, juicy, not needing any kind of condiment.

Dad ordered steak too, but Mom, who doesn't eat red meat, got a beautiful seafood pasta.  She had such a big plate, she had enough to take home for leftovers, which always makes my Mom a happy camper.  (2-for-1 meal, eh?)

I don't always get dessert when we're out, but we got one to share because I got seduced by the menu.  White chocolate blueberry bread pudding, with bourbon cream sauce and vanilla ice cream.  AMAZING.  We ate it all, and it was one of my favorite parts of a really great meal.  Don't skip dessert!

It was nice to be able to give something special back to my parents, after the years and years they've given to us and supported us.  They are the kind of parents you're lucky to have, and I hope to be able to treat them to some nice things in the future too.

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