Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Lately: Doing, Appreciating, Designing, Humming, Expecting

I'm writing this on Sunday morning, because I didn't remember to do it sooner!  Oh well.

Working, eating, sleeping, then getting up and doing it all again.  That's about it.  But I'm eating like a king!  Here's a pic of a Shoo Mercy Pancake from Tupelo Honey Cafe (yup, that's fried chicken on a sweet potato pancake with pecans) and a beautiful Plated steak meal that I cooked for us.

I'm appreciating when I am home, not traveling, and not overly busy with random tasks.  I really am.  It's kind of nice to have the time to watch TV and be a bum, work on my blog, do whatever I feel like.  (Though I wish I felt like working out LOL, that hasn't been happening.)  So Dan and I can enjoy things like heading to a nearby brewery and grabbing a beer and playing an impromptu game of Connect 4.  I won best of 7 games.

I'm not sure whether it's considered designing, but I'm thinking about whether I should simplify and rename my blog and social media handles.  I'm not sure what it would become, but I'm looking for something that is evergreen and less of a mouthful.  Meh.

In the meantime, I've also been working on my skills in Korean art class, because I need to paint some paper next week that will be my final design for whatever the elders want to do.  Here's a pic of my practice on flowers from yesterday.

Not humming much.  Haven't really listened to much music lately, because I've been more into Podcasts!  Enjoyed wrapping up Serial, as well as some random downloads of episodes of The Nerdist, NPR's Ask Me Another, and Bon Appetit.

After next week, I'm expecting the DELUGE of travel and work and DAR and stuff to begin.  I'm traveling quite a bit for the four weeks after that, including a long stretch where I'm not sleeping in my own bed for over a WEEK.  Looks like Michigan, DAR Conference, Texas, Indiana, and Michigan thus far.  Sigh.  But this is my life and what it's like!  Business travel looks glam on Instagram... but inside I'm probably wishing I was home covered in cats.

What are you up to this Sunday?

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