Saturday, April 30, 2016

Budgeting Bloggers: April 2016

I had a couple of Poshmark sales that helped me budget-wise.  And since I was busy and traveling for much of the month, I didn't really shop other than my Stitch Fix!

  1. kate spade Tock Flats in nude (originally $178, paid $76 via Poshmark):  I had $20 in Poshmark credits, so these shoes ended up costing me $76 with shipping.  Brand new, mint condition, never worn!  Ever since I got the black ones (but really wanted to the tan ones) I'd become a little obsessed with finding them.
  2. Stitch Fix (originally $322, paid $237 with tax and a $25 credit):  I got two tops, a blazer, and two dresses.  Woohoo!   Click here for my recap of the items I kepyt
$254 spent -  $94 sold/earned = $160 total spent in April
$187 savings

Quarter Budget: $500 - $160 in April  = $340 left for May & June 

I've worn every item that I bought this month, at least once, and I bumped up my Stitch Fix to earlier to help me shop again for May.  Overall, a kind of boring recap here, but I have been window shopping for some things lately that I'll be happy to have the budget for later!

What did you buy this month?

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