Monday, April 11, 2016

Austin Weekend: LBJ Presidential Library, Bullock Texas State History Museum, Capitol, & The Drag

We didn't plan much ahead of time for our Austin trip... so the first night there we were on my laptop brainstorming what to do.  I was like, "Let's do a Segway tour!" And Dan was like EFF NO and suggested the LBJ Presidential Library instead.  Nerd couples FTW!

The first word that came to mind when I saw the library was, "Is that some kind of weird monolith?"  Maybe that's not the right word but the building was surely imposing.  I wondered why there weren't more windows, but then I thought about how sunlight can damage archives and understood.  Cool.

The exhibits really taught me a lot about a President I don't think much about... he was President during a pretty crazy time, with civil rights and Vietnam sort of colliding all at once!  I think that the museum definitely put a glossy spin on the overall Presidency of LBJ, but that's to be expected; there were a lot of realities addressed too.  I also liked the gallery of Presidents and First Ladies, though it might be interesting what they call it when the first woman becomes President someday.  First Spouses?

On the top floor, there is a 7/8 replica Oval Office, and a beautifully preserved Lady Bird Johnson's office.  Can I please have a personal replica of her office for my own use, please?  So retro chic!

His and Hers Offices

We decided to walk from the library to the State Capitol, passing through the UT Austin campus.  We spotted the Bullock Texas State History Museum, and we decided to check it out!  The Whole Foods global kitchen exhibit really drew me in.  I did learn a lot about the state's history that I didn't know!  I guess you kind of learn more about the history of the state in which you grew up, right?

We were starting to get hungry, and I saw there was an area west of campus called The Drag with some Asian food spots.  We settled on Emo's Kitchen for Korean food!  We had some spicy ramen and Korean BBQ that really hit the spot.  Good prices too, just $6 for a giant bowl of ramen!  You knew it was legit because the rice came with beans in it, and almost everyone there was Korean.  Word.

Oh, and then I had to get some milk tea and boba at Coco's Cafe.  Of course.  It was warm out, so it was the perfect way to stay cool!

We then walked to the Capitol and explored the grounds.  It's a pretty impressive building for sure!  Everything really is bigger in Texas.

This was probably our nerdiest day in Texas, but a good way to get to know the city!

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