Friday, September 4, 2015

Wedding: Announcements and Thank You Notes

Last wedding post, you guys!  :)

Since we had such a small wedding, we wanted to send announcements out to folks who would want to know (you know, outside of it being Facebook official and stuff).  Basically we sent them to our Christmas card list, so we could make them a part of the celebration!  We used Shutterfly and I stacked discount codes to get a good deal.

I chose the Sparkling Union tri-fold card to share photos and a quick note about the ceremony.

For our Thank You cards, I used the Embellished Frames design and left the back side writeable for a custom note.  I tried to make them tie together with look/script fonts.  I really liked using photo cards to share our ceremony pictures.  The only downside to photo Thank You notes is that we received a bunch of gifts in advance of the ceremony, so it took us a few weeks to get photos and printed cards back.  That said, I was told that etiquette says I have a year after the wedding to write thank yous for the gifts (someone told me that, I swear!)...  so getting them out 4 weeks after the wedding isn't too bad, right?

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