Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites, v. 18

I'm back with my favorite things on the Internet this week!  

Disney princesses as velociraptors.  I really enjoyed Jurassic World.

This flower girl thought she was "the bride" 
o when she was told to kiss the groom, she did what she had to do!

Eugene from Buzzfeed is one of my favorite Internet people (read this article about him).  I really love this video, because I could see my Mom and me doing something like this... except she doesn't have a strong accent, so most of my Korean imitations are of my grandparents.

I know the photo isn't the best... but I LOVE a Hot Brown sandwich, and this Hot Brown Casserole is calling my name.  It's also reminding me to buy some more Lactaid pills.  Must make.

What if we treated teachers like we treated pro athletes?  This gave me LOLZ.

+  I am obsessed with my Levenger Circa/Arc by Staples notebooks for note-taking and organizing, so it's nice to read I'm not the only digitally-savvy internet lover who also has a thing for handwritten notes and paper!

+  Watch people explain their childhood AIM names... mine usually had my high school acronym and a reference to running in them.  Then when I got to college I used that school's acronym.  I obviously wasn't going for longevity.  (Sidenote: remember crafting awesome Away messages?!)

+  They put a preschool in a nursing home, and it's the sweetest thing ever.

+  These photos of some of the last remaining Chinese women with bound feet are not easy to look at, but they're fascinating.

+  Flashback:  Around this time last year, I rode an ATV for the first time on a trip to Colorado.  Check out the photos where I hit the MUD!

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