Monday, May 18, 2015

Things I'd Been Meaning to Do

A couple of weekends ago, I had a day with nothing planned...  so I did things that I've been "meaning to do"!  Firstly, I wanted to clean up our porch and recover the cushions on our rocker.  Now that Dan has quit smoking (and polluting the porch), it's finally worth the effort to get the space in shape for us to use now that the weather is nice.

Yes, you're looking at an old nursery glider.  They come on Craiglist for very cheap!  But as I told my Facebook friends, don't get excited that this means there's a baby on the way.  I've had this thing on the porch for years, and it's too dirty to ever bring indoors again really.  I simply took some outdoor fabric I got at JoAnn's, traced the old fabric pieces, and sewed them up (rather quickly) making this a fast project with nice results!  Dan helped me tack the fabric onto the ottoman, and I think the overall improvement is really nice!

I also promised Dan that I would attempt to make ice cream.  It's been years since I made any, and I had the Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams cookbook to guide me.  I made my favorite, the Brown Butter Almond Brittle.  I made the brittle first, and it was seriously tasty.  Hard not to eat it before adding to the ice cream!  The ice cream itself turned out a bit darker in color than the store version, because I think I browned the butter a little longer than I should have, but Dan loved it.  Per the instructions, we put it into a container to freeze for a long while, as Jeni's ice creams don't get eaten right out of the machine.

This post may seem a little dull or trivial, but looking back at these photos brings me some joy.  It reminds me of a weekend where I had nothing planned, and I got to do the things I'd been meaning to do... and that made it worthwhile and happy work!

What have you been meaning to do?

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