Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Favorites, v. 14

I haven't done one of these posts since March, so there's a LOT I want to call out that I've been consuming on the interwebz!

Kate T. Parker's "Strong is the New Pretty" photo series is exactly the kind of stuff young girls need to be seeing.  So much life in these photos, and tough little girls!

As a kid, I thought the fantasy library in Beauty & the Beast was the most beautiful in the world.  Now I realize, thanks to the internet, that there are REAL places like this library in Prague that bring that dream to life... plus 19 other beautiful libraries to gawk at.

I think sassy workout tanks that talk about how I'm really lazy might be my new exercise statement pieces.  (This one's from Etsy.)

I love how this photographer used a tin-type method to take these old-school looking pics of celebs at Sundance.  Kind of taking hipster to a new level, right?

Pinup Girl Clothing's "Coming Soon" section now gives you a look at Laura Byrnes' Junebugs and Georgia Peaches collection... and I want a BUNCH of the dresses.  One of the bloggers of Junebugs and Georgia Peaches, Amanda, is part of our local Nashville blogger group.  I love her style and super-sweet nature and personality, and that she's a fellow grad school victim student like me.

The "Singles Ladies" video, set to the "Duck Tales" theme song.  BEST THING THIS WEEK.

+  Visiting nursing homes makes me sad, because many residents don't get many people coming to see them.  I love how this Dutch nursing home is allowing students to live there rent-free to help for 30 hours per month being "good neighbors" and warding off isolation and loneliness for the elderly residents.  LOVE.

+  19 things only truly awkward people understand... because it proves I'm not alone!

+  Eat what you want, people... but I did find it interested what academics think a real "Paleo" diet for cavemen consisted of: bugs, bark, and even dead animals.  Blech!  (Pass me some gluten.)

+  This was all over the internet, but this seriously scary statue of Lucille Ball has to go.   And the artist has offered to do a new one for free... hopefully not so creepy this time.

+  We watched the Kurt Cobain doc "Montage of Heck", but I'm way more fascinated by the story of Jason Everman, a one-time guitarist for both Nirvana and Soundgarden who walked away from rock 'n' roll and became an elite Special Forces soldier.  Holy cow!

+  Flashback:  Three years ago, I wrote this post about being in Los Angeles spending time with family, and in a few weeks I'm headed back there for more Korean family quality time!

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