Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Budgeting Bloggers: May 2015

I didn't shop hardly at all last month, and then this month I spent ALL THE MONEY!  I sold quite a bit too, so it stings a *little* bit less, but it was still a crazy month for my spending.  Wowza.  I am not quite sure how it happened... but I know part of it was a really big Stitch Fix investment, so that definitely factored in.

  1. HUMAN Tank Tops ($23 each on sale, $69 total): I have dedicated myself to being more active, and I've signed up as a member at my local Orange Theory fitness location.  To reward myself, I ordered this hilariously sassy tank tops for my workouts.  They had like a zillion that I wanted...  I want ALL OF THEM!  I will say I probably won't order from this site again, because the quality of the printing isn't super great; the green tank washed poorly and discolored but Look Human was quick to refund me my money for that one.
  2. Franco Sarto Sharp Wedge Sandal in Beige (originally $89, paid $60 via DSW):  I've been looking for a new wedge sandal in a nude color for summer, and the minute I tried these on I was hooked.  I will wear them mostly with dresses this summer on days I don't want to wear flats or gladiator sandals.  I've already been wearing these and my new sandals every day.
  3. Mix No. 6 Avesa Flat Sandal in Black (originally $40, paid $30 via DSW):  I love the brown/black leather combo of my Madewell bag, because it matches every outfit.  These sandals are in the style I live in during the summer, and I feel like the color combo lends them to matching quite a bit more.  These and the Franco Sarto wedges are my new warm-weather uniform.
  4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Crosby Commuter Computer Case in Black Multi (originally $118, paid $71 via Nordstrom):  Impulse purchase, but I needed a sleeve/case for my laptop.  I sold a few handbags this month, so while I feel a little guilt added two new bags to the mix, this one is the only bag I have that specifically protects my MacBook, other than a bulky backpack.  At least that makes it functional, I suppose.  I almost pull the trigger on a $130 Kate Spade outlet bag, but this one was a better deal and it's MARC, hello.
  5. Stitch Fix (originally $330, paid $215):  I got a dress, a jacket, and three blouses, and I kept them all.  I was not completely sold on one of the tops, but I kept it because you get a significant discount for keeping all the items.  I'll be recapping my Fix in the coming days.

I also bought a formal gown and a white faux leather tote for June's DAR Continental Congress at JCPenney; I do not count my DAR wardrobe against my budget, because I really only get to wear those items a couple times per year and it's for non-profit work.  If it's something that doubles for DAR and regular wardrobe, I count it!

$445 spent - $185 sold = $260 total spent
$218 savings

Total 2015 Net Spending: Q1 $616 + $260 = $876

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I'm always trying to continue my own wardrobe cleanout, so feel free to shop my Poshmark closet in case something strikes your fancy!  I've added a lot of items since last month, as I'm contemplating some sort of year-round, all-seasons capsule wardrobe of sorts, or *some* kind of limit to it all.

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