Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Budgeting Bloggers: January 2015

Maybe it was my December haul of Christmas presents, or maybe it was my attempt to be more frugal in the new year, but I did not spend a ton or get a lot of pieces this month.  I bought two sweaters on sale, received two skirts I ordered via Etsy last year, and got a dress as a belated gift.   I also had quite a good month in sales on Poshmark.  This month was a light one for shopping!

  1. H&R London Fall for Me Dress (gift):  Christmas gift from Dan's brother, which came after last month's blogger wrap-up.
  2. Limited Gem Embellished Fair Isle Sweater in Grey (originally $70, paid $28):  My office is always cold, and I love fair isle sweaters... so this was a perfect match that is office-appropriate and very cute.
  3. Limited Intarsia Bow Sweater in Black (originally $60, paid $24):  This sweater was too cute to resist!  I think it will be great with jeans and pencil skirts.
(not pictured)
  • Custom Etsy Circle Skirt in Black (paid $44):  Cost includes shipping.  My custom skirts were once again made by Jade, an Etsy seller!  I had an A-line black skirt from Heart of Haute, but it wasn't giving me the fullness of a circle skirt.  Had to get this basic one on the books.
  • Custom Etsy Circle Skirt in Macaron Print (paid $54):  I wanted a circle skirt in a fun print because all of mine are solids... and macarons are one of my favorite things!  I also like that the variety in macaron color meant I could mix up what tops/sweaters/etc. I choose to wear with it.
$150 spent - $80 sold = $70 total
$78 savings

I'm glad I discovered H&R London; I do like their retro-inspired dresses.  Also, while hosting my first-ever Poshmark Party on the 1st, I added a bunch more items to my listings!  Feel free to shop my closet over there for some great deals on pre-loved items.

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  1. I love the colors in that fair isle sweater! The bow sweater is super cute too. I also spent less this month than I usually do, which is great for my wallet.

  2. Thanks! I really like how soft it is. It matches a lot of things too, because of the color scheme. I think initially I didn't think it was my style, but with the jewels and number of possible outfit combinations, I really like it even more.

  3. That floral dress is so pretty. xx

  4. Thank you Nina! Now I just have to figure out how to style it so it's appropriate for work, and not just a beautiful summer day. :)

  5. I really should start participating in this. I just got rid of a giant garbage bag of clothes and am always pulling new stuff to sell out of my closet...and this has pretty much given me license to run off the rails a bit purchasing new stuff.

  6. Even though I'm not using a budget anymore, reporting this monthly really holds me accountable. I've found I spend more on the things I've been waiting to buy for my apartment vs. clothes I don't need as much, because they are more practical. :)

  7. Oh, he picked it off the Christmas list I gave to Dan! ;)


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