Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Toronto Snapshots

I spent a week in Toronto recently, and it was definitely a great mix of hard work and play!  Here are some snapshots of my time in Canada.
New PJs and shirt from Joe Fresh!

Had to drink a Molson.

These are a thing in Canada, and they are tasty.

Blue Jays vs. Indians

Tim Hortons Canadian Maple Donut
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  1. Missing the Blue Jays! Also, I wish Joe Fresh was every where. Their stuff is so cute!

  2. Haha these photos are great! Joe Fresh made me chuckle, because they have it at all of the Superstore grocery stores. And good ol' Tim's! I miss that place. Hope you had a good time in Toronto :)

  3. It is so cute, and I don't get to go to NY often to see what they have. I didn't find the shirt I was looking for, but I'm happy with my new PJs. (P.S. I don't count PJs in my budget. LOL)

  4. They're owned by Loblaw's, right? :) That's how I ended up there, I had to get some medicine from Loblaw's.

  5. Yes, I guess some of those grocery stores are called Loblaw's as well but they are the exact same.


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