Monday, April 7, 2014

Wildfire (Schaumburg)

I was traveling for business on my birthday, but since my entire work team was there, we had some fantastic group meals planned.  The one that took place on my actual birthday was at Wildfire Schaumburg, a steakhouse near our hotel.  It reminded us a bit of the Palm restaurant, with a dark ambiance and loads of meat and sides on the menu.  I was shocked by how packed the place was, given it was a Tuesday night.  There were plenty of kids dining too, but it was loud enough that it wasn't disruptive.

I chose a Moscow Mule as my drink of choice (not bad, but not the best), and the special filet medallion trio for my meal.  The trio of 3 oz. filets were available with a variety of crust choices, but I chose Bearnaise, Parmesan, and double baked potato.  The meat was good and tender, and I had mashed potatoes as a side.  I love how good steakhouses don't mess up my steak temperature.  I can't believe I ever let my Mom order me steak "well done" growing up.  Overall, it was the perfect amount of food and I felt satiated and happy.

My coworkers surprised me with a birthday molten chocolate cake (delicious!) and a song.  I was blushing bright red at the song, but it felt good to blow out a candle.

Overall, Wildfire was a great steakhouse.  It wasn't distinctive by any means, but it was as good as a Ruth's Chris, Palm, or Morton's.  Not bad, Schaumburg!

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  1. That place looks fancy! And that chocolate cake... Oh my!



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