Monday, April 28, 2014

Brown Sugar Banana Bread

My favorite bakery in Savannah is Back in the Day Bakery.  Their cupcakes are perfection to me.  I recently found myself noticing three ripe bananas on my kitchen counter that needed a good end.  I pulled down the bakery cookbook from my shelf, an autographed copy gifted to me by my friend Lindsey.
Brown Sugar Banana Bread.  Perfect.  All I needed were some pecans, and I chose praline pecans because they reminded me of Savannah's Candy Kitchen.  Everything else was in my pantry.  I mixed molasses and sugar to sub for brown sugar, allspice instead of mace, and vanilla bean paste instead of vanilla.
I couldn't wait to taste!  I smelled it baking as I lay on the sofa.  I think it helped me recover!  It was deliciously warm, so I kept it in the microwave to keep it that way until Dan got home.  Delicious...  I'm so happy those bananas found a beautiful end.
I don't like to republish recipes from cookbooks because I want to support the authors, but this recipe has been shared out on other blogs with some minor alterations if you care to search Google.

Happy baking!
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