Monday, December 23, 2013

San Francisco

After my visit with friends in New York, I hopped a direct flight to San Francisco (almost SIX hours) to make it to California in time for my friend JS's wedding.  You guys, I hope this doesn't sound weird, but I was super freaking pumped to attend my first gay wedding.  I have had other gay friends get married, but JS has been my friend since like forever, and it was SAN FRANCISCO.  Swoon.  LOVE IS LOVE AND EQUALITY ROCKS!

JS and his partner were married at San Francisco's City Hall, which was gorgeously decorated for the holidays.  I saw so many couples lined up to be married, it made my heart swell.  So much wonderful.  Not to mention, my other two best friends from high school were there, plus even more friends and significant others, and it was awesome.

There was a cocktail reception at O3 Bistro & Lounge with awesome drinks and munchies.  It was jam-packed with well-wishers, and a really great start to the night.  Then we headed to the Burritt Room + Tavern for a decadent four-course meal.  I'm glad I had a fit & flare dress, because I ate my face off.  So much good food.  Now THAT is a wedding reception.

Me & Dan/Duke
I think one of my favorite parts, other than the dinner, was the PARTY BUS.  The grooms got us a party bus that took us to the Castro for some gay clubbing.  We went to the Lookout, where Friday is #HYSL night or "Handle Your Shit Lady" club night.  Basically we drank and watched Showgirls (uncensored) on the TV, and I watched as a ton of dudes hit on my boyfriend.  Apparently beards are hot right now.  :)

We then headed to QBar... and I DIED OF GAY HAPPINESS WHICH IS REDUNDANT BUT I LOVED IT.  There were hot go-go dancers, Beyonce music videos, and drinks.  But the thing I loved most was the dancing.  Dancing, dancing, dancing with a ton of people who know all the words like I do.  There's just something amazing about having a grown man drag me onto the dancefloor so we can jump up and down screaming Katy Perry lyrics in each other's faces.  LOVE.

The next day, we met up with Dan's old friend and his family for a day on by the water in classic San Francisco fashion.  We visited the smelly sea lions of Pier 39...

...and indulged in people-watching and Ghirardelli to boot.  We just walked and talked and saw so much!

We had a fantastic time in San Francisco.  It was the first "fly someplace" trip Dan and I have taken together.  We were smiling and enjoying ourselves the entire time.  Between this trip and our Asheville adventures, we've had some great getaways this year.


  1. Oh my goodness it sounds like you had an absolutely amazing time!

    1. I loved every minute... except for the jet lag that haunted me for days!


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