Saturday, December 28, 2013

Frothy Monkey - Franklin

When I try to study at home, I get distracted.  I have laundry and dishes and TV shows and magazines and other things.  I've found that coffee shops, despite all their hustle and bustle, are the prime place for me to study; even the library is too quiet.  I tend to gravitate towards Starbucks, but since I was hungry I decided to hit up the Frothy Monkey in downtown Franklin.

I caught this quiet moment between church services getting out and swarming the place!

I love that it has an industrial, yet home-like atmosphere, with old fireplaces since it is an older building that may have been a home at some point.

The Frothy Monkey serves food all day, and even offers beer and wine.  I decided to get the Frothy Monkey breakfast and a chai latte - delicious bacon, eggs, and multi-grain toast.  The bacon was some of the freshest and best I've had in Franklin (yum!) and I swear they gave me more than two eggs.  I enjoyed the meal immensely, with delicious jam on the toast.

I also enjoyed the chai latte, though it was a little different from others I've had.  I feel like it had a bit more spice than I'm used to.  (I'm still tasting the delicious one I had at Bread and Cocoa in San Francisco... must have been some extra cream or something.)

I enjoyed studying upstairs by a window, and I spent a good few hours there.  I'm definitely going to hide out there more often.

I also enjoyed the people-watching, which included:

  • one sixty-something Sugar Daddy warning another that his girlfriend is "nesting" and that he needs to clarify expectations and let her know he's not interested in remarrying after the death of his wife and doesn't want more kids
  • two Lululemon housewives who obviously called each other beforehand and said, "you wear the grey shirt and pink puffy vest, and I'll wear my pink shirt and grey puffy vest and we'll be TWINSIES!" like Regina George and the Plastics grew up and are now int heir 40s
  • one hipster who got visibly offended when a fellow patron asked if her "fruit iced tea" was orange juice
  • the cutest parade of children and babies in designer clothing like a living catalogue
  • two huge waves of the post-church crowd in Sunday best in downtown Franklin, creating predictable surges in the line at 10am and 12pm

Not a bad way to spend a lazy Sunday!

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