Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Life in GIFs, Vol. 2

Time for another post of My Life in GIFs!  I'm really enjoying putting these together, because there are so many amazing things on the internet to choose from.

I'd like to call this one, "Things I'm Learning As an Adult" in Parks & Rec GIFs.

My metabolism doesn't work anymore, so I have to work out...

...and eat healthier so I don't get chubby.

Some people I thought were my friends are really not great people...

...and sometimes cats make better friends.

But my *true* friends are AWESOME, yo.

I can't drink like I used to...

...and my dancing is kind of old school.

I also spend too much time on my phone.

But I also kind of like being older and being unapologetic for just being ME.

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