Saturday, December 15, 2012

Straight No Chaser at the Ryman

You know I love a capella.  I mean, I blog about The Singoff, Pitch Perfect, and Glee!  So when my friend VB offered me a chance to attend a Straight No Chaser holiday concert in Nashville, I almost screamed in the middle of my open office space.

Straight No Chaser was born at Indiana University a dozen years ago, while I was a kid growing up in Bloomington, Indiana.  (In fact, one of the members is the older brother of a kid a year ahead of me in school.)  I remember hearing about them singing at local bars in the beginning.  They started graduating when I began high school, but the group continued as a student group.

That is, until some of the original members re-formed to become Straight No Chaser once more!

After work, I met up with VB for a delicious dinner at Wild Iris in Brentwood, then headed to the Ryman to see the show.  It was my first time at the famous venue.

The show was AWESOME.  The people behind us gave us free wine, and VB and I danced and sang the night away.  We seriously rocked out the entire time.  We laughed a ton (these guys are hilarious) and it was just the perfect girls' night out.  We even stuck around to get autographs and meet the guys afterwards.

Seriously though, you don't understand how awesome these guys are until you HEAR them.  So go on YouTube and prepare to be amazed.  Really.  Because they're that good.

Ryman Auditorium was rocking!

We were 5th row!


  1. LOVE SNC, so proud of them. They're so famous now they made the IU version change their name (I think they're called "Another Round" now).

    And I'd love to take my dad to a show at the Ryman one day--so much history!

    1. It's such a cool venue! We were sitting 5th row in the pews. If you guys are ever in Nashville, I would love to take you around. :)

      SNC = Hometown Heroes! Also, there is a group called Gentleman's Rule with Luke Mechling in it... since the Mechling boys of Bloomington grown LOL.


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