Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hunter Wellies

Hunted 'Regent Savoy' boots, normally $175
I have to admit, I have certain aspirational purchases that sit in the back of my mind... things I would love to have, but might be out of my price range.

One of those items were Hunter wellies, the iconic rainboots I've seen on so many blogs and fashion websites.

Well, I hit the jackpot recently. My friend Caroline alerted me to a sale at Nordstrom Rack stores that brought the price of these $150 boots down to $49.97. The only catch? You had to actually call stores to locate sizes and styles, hoping to find your sole-mate boots. (Hehe, sole-mate. Get it?)

The moment the East Coast stores opened, I was on the phones. On a weekday. When I should have been getting ready for work. And after 30 minutes, I hadn't found my size 6 wellies in one of the colors I was hoping for. (I wanted black, navy, or dark green.)

Hunter Tall Classic, normally $135
Well, this is where Caroline saved me. She not only located some classic boots in green in Boston, but found me some shiny, quilted black boots in Colorado. She put them on hold for me, and I called in the order.

Now that they've arrived, I'm in love! I wasn't sure I would keep both styles, but they're so unique I am smitten. The black ones are classy and equestrian, while the classic greens are rugged and playful. (Yes, I personify my clothing.)

I am so thankful to have a kindred shopaholic to help me nail down this deal; without it, I would have continued to drool over these boots while sporting my $20 Target rainboots. Now I feel like a big girl! :)


  1. Haha! I am so jealous of the black ones!!!! I'm glad I added the hot pink ones to my collection...I even took out my grey glossier I'd gotten as a Xmas gift 2 years ago for a spin. Btw, the green lace ups didn't look cute, so I returned them for the same original green ones as yours. So cute, and you know I'm always good for hunting down deals for us! :)

    1. I know you're hunting down those deals! However, for January my plan is to hide the credit card and try to go a month without purchasing new clothing/shoes/accessories since I got so much for Christmas...

      I will have to document this deprivation and torture here on the blog.


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