Wednesday, December 12, 2012 Wedding Invitations @minted

I love design... especially beautiful stationery, cards, and photo projects.  So when I received a note from Minted to check out their new wedding invitations, I was elated!  After all, while I may not be engaged, a girl is allowed to gather pretty ideas, right?  (Just take a look at my Pinterest.)

Anyways, I was floored by how much online design capabilities have changed.  I remember when templates were boring and lacking in diverse fonts and aesthetics... but not anymore!  The designs on Minted feel custom-made for different personalities and styles.  I wish I could design such pretty things myself.

I fell in love with their offering of traditional designs, floral designs, lace designs, and, well, hipster designs!  That is, if you like chalkboard or wood backgrounds, options that include photos, or beautifully coordinated typographic fonts, you can find it all.  It looks like the custom work you'd find on Etsy, but with way more selection and options.  It makes me want to order a zillion; I'll pull an Elizabeth Taylor and keep collecting weddings for the invitations.

I'm in design heaven.

Here are some (that I painstakingly whittled down to 5) that I fell in love with.

Love Story


Bonjour Paris
Infinity & Beyond
There's just something for everyone.

Oh, and IT GETS BETTER.  You can choose the shape of the card, as in die-cuts.  And you can order matching/coordinating Thank You notes, RSVP cards, the works!  It all matches!  So cute I die.

So, um, Duke... wanna get married?  Because I know where we can get some awesome invitations.  (Totally j/k.  But we should have a party and use Minted for invitations.)  And I know where I'm ordering my holiday cards this year.  And my personal stationery.  SCORE!

Thank you to Minted for asking me to review their new wedding offerings!  I received an incentive for participation, but the content is 100% my own.

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