Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gleek Peek: Mash-Off!

LOVE me some Santana!  (FOX)
I love Glee mashups!  It's my favorite type of performance for the show.  I actually liked a song that Matthew Morrison sang... because he sang with Idina Menzel.  Lady Gaga, Adele, what more could I ask for in a Glee episode?  This was my favorite episode of the season music-wise, aside from Puck's flop at the beginning.

I don't buy the Puck/Shelby 'hot for teacher' plotline.  Puck is too easy to write into these improbably romances.  What's up with this?  I also wasn't pulling for Damian McGinty to win The Glee Project... he is hard to understand, and his acting is terrible.  They should have gone with Lindsey.

Santana was brilliant though... her Lima Heights-isms are phenomenal, and she is a true wit.  She needs more screen time!  She was awesome during the dodgeball mash-up, and she KILLED the Adele songs.  KILLED them.  She's a mean girl, but not a dumb mean girl.  It was awful the way she was outed on TV, and she was the episode's star.

Oh, and I love Hall & Oates.  Happy song!  I am also glad that Kurt/Rachel made up.  And Quinn deserves everything she got from Shelby; she was being ridiculous.

Songs I'll Download:  "You and I/You and I", "Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another", "I Can't Go For That/You Make My Dreams", "Rumour Has It/Someone Like You"

P.S. CONGRATS to Glee for hitting 300 musical performances!

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  1. I'm not a huge fan of Glee as it is, but I watched this episode (perhaps because the girlfriend made me?).

    I understand that it's a bit out there due to the musical/dramatic nature of the show, so nothing really makes sense. I learned that after my first viewing. . .where I got to see a lot of man love. . .

    But this got kinda ridiculous.

    1) The Irish kid gets beat up by a bunch of GIRLS! Seriously? I mean, seriously? It's dodge ball. He was bleeding? Man card: revoked. If I were Ireland I would be sending the IRA to blow Glee up.

    2) The Irish kid got "saved" by the ultra effeminate weak gay guy. That's a second strike on the man card. And Ireland should be rioting right now.

    3) In the fight for School President it was mentioned that dodge ball is a sport to bully - and I'll stop there for this point. To bully? I always LOVED dodge ball. Who cares if someone gets off on throwing balls to hit people. Guess what: EVERYONE DOES! Fail on that guy's part (sorry, I don't know names).

    4) Then he says "Violence is never the answer." Or something to that effect. So. . .we totally could have stopped Hitler with words. North Korea was just going to give up South Korea with negotiation. Iraq would have totally left Kuwait if we had not invaded. And Osama bin Laden would have turned himself in after 9/11 if we had just been more reasonable. On a more close-to-home note, bullies will stop bullying merely because they're suspended and told not to.
    I am of course being facetious on all points.

    Really?! These's are the messages they want to send to America's youth, and the USA in general? REALLY!?

    I dunno, maybe it's just me.

    On a positive note the music was pretty good :) I enjoyed most, if not all, of the musical performances, and the mash ups were pretty darn cool. I guess if I could cut out the story line the musical part would be phenomenal.


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