Sunday, December 5, 2010

What She Wore

The other day, as I was reading PurseBlog, I discovered a new blog that I fell in love with: What I Wore. The author, Jessica, blogs daily about what she's wearing. A simple concept, but presented in such a great way! I love how she puts an entire ensemble together, styling from head to toe. She says on her blog, “I truly believe that the clothes we wear can affect our moods as well as the impressions we give of ourselves to others. Looking your best doesn’t need to cost a lot of money - just a little imagination.” She has some sponsors, so she does feature a lot of their clothes, but among her sponsors is one of my favorite clothing sites to peruse:! Jessica has a vintage, boho style that I really dig, and I get so many ideas from her.

Another reason I love her? She lives in my hometown, Bloomington, Indiana. I enjoy trying to pick out the locations of her photos... Kirkwood! IU Art Museum! Jessica shows that fashion sense and styling are accessible and something we can all do, if we take the time. If I ever see her around B-town, I'll be sure to go up to her and tell her how much I love the site!


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