Thursday, December 16, 2010

I love breakfast!

Breakfast foods are my FAVORITE. I could eat an omelette any time of day, brunch is the best meal every invented, and I think the combination of ham, egg, and cheese is heavenly. YUM.

Today was a big day for breakfast. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to eat, then I noticed some leftover hamburger buns from the football party. Georgia is humid, and bread doesn't keep long, so I figured I should use them for something. So I scrambled two eggs and fried them, buttered the buns and added cheddar and ham to make a grilled sandwich of sorts... DELICIOUS. Oh, and I made one for hubby JM too of course. I liked it so much, I might make it again tomorrow!

Then, it was time to make doughnuts. Yes, doughnuts! I found a recipe for Baked Spice Doughnuts on Eat Live Run and was looking to make something to bring to work for breakfast for my friend LK. I didn't have a doughnut pan, so I used a mini muffin pan instead. Everyone at work loved them, though they said since they weren't fried and the shape was wrong they were really muffins not doughnuts. But I maintain that once you take a bite, the shape is meaningless. It's just delicious.


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