Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back in the Kitchen

Some of the things I've been cooking up lately, with recipes I've found online...

JLC serves this as one big bake, but since I wanted to make it more of a finger-food, I made individual little baked bries in a mini muffin pan. They were a surprise hit at our Army/Navy party; I thought the brie/raspberry was a little too "fancy" for football food but they disappeared quickly.

SO easy and delicious... the cream cheese frosting is a MUST. Store-bought icing is fine too. I call it my "cheat" cookie because it uses boxed cake mix so I can't quite call it "from scratch." Wouldn't these be adorable Christmas cookies with some green sprinkles on top?

I served this for a group, I skipped the bacon since some people do not eat pork. It was a hit, and super creamy. There's something to be said for skipping the boxed version and doing it up from scratch every one in a while.

I skipped the olives in this recipe, since I was making this for hubby JM/me and we don't really like olives. We served it over sticky white rice instead of jasmine rice, since that is what we had. We both enjoyed it, and it was so quick to make that I was able to whip it up for a weekday lunch. Definitely one I will be using again!



  1. I'm confused about the Brie recipe. You leave the rind on the cheese? So it's just a hunk of cheese, with jam, wrapped in bread? Seems to good to be true.

  2. Bonnie, that's right! I actually bought a roll of brie at Walmart that sliced perfectly for the little brie guys. I also like to do the same thing without jam, but with gouda cheese, served with apple slices. YUM!


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