Sunday, December 6, 2020

Our New Home!

Remember when I used to blog here?  I'm on maternity leave, and I feel compelled to reflect on 2020 and share more about how we've been.

We moved from Tennessee to my hometown in Indiana early this year, and we bought our first house as a family!  So many things came together to make this happen, and it felt really great to move from apartment living to a house with a yard for a growing toddler.

We found a lovely house just 15 minutes from my parents and my office, as well as walking distance to a great paved trail.  The yard is perfect, it has a paver patio which we hope to furnish and enjoy more over time (we used it for a kiddie pool mostly this year!), and the previous owner who built it ensured we have pretty landscaping year-round.  The perennials he planted delighted us all spring and summer.

We did make a few updates to the house, which was built in 2008.  The downstairs had three flooring types: laminate, vinyl, and carpet.  We put engineered hardwood the whole way through the downstairs, and we painted the whole house.  It really spruced things up and gave us a blank slate, as we did also need to add some furniture for the downstairs mainly.

We would like to redo the kitchen at some point, adding an extended island, painting cabinets, and updating light fixtures.  This house really only required cosmetic updates for our personal preference, which made it perfect for us!  We did a U-Haul move, and we hired movers in Indiana to help us with the heavy lifting.

The upstairs has three bedrooms and a loft, the latter of which we converted to a playroom.  We made quite a few trips to IKEA to furnish the house, and Dan has basically banned me from it.  But combining what we had from our apartment with the new items, we really have made it into what we had hoped!

I've embedded a number of Instagram photos in this post, so you can swipe for Before/After images of what the house looks like and what it looked like in listing photos.

Living Room



Master Bedroom

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