Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Lately: Mending, Beginning, Doodling, Musing, Applauding

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MENDING...  Last week, I mended a pile of clothes.  This week, I'm trying to mend my heart.  On Tuesday, the world lost Kimmie Jones, one of the first friends I made when I moved to Nashville.  She was a part of a little blogger girl squad that we've formed over time, and an integral part of it.  I'm working on a post about Kimmie, but it's not ready (and I'm not ready) yet.  In the meantime, I would encourage you to get to know her through her writing and unique voice, at her blog That girl in the wheelchair, and at other sites where she wrote...

BEGINNING... a huge closet makeover!  I've just listed a bunch of items on Poshmark, thrown away a bunch of shoes, and have a garbage bag of donations to inventory.  I still have an insane amount of dresses (I can't part with them!) and whatnot, but I'm pulling things slowly out to make room.  That way, I can add new, on-trend things like these new shoes I bought this week.

DOODLING...  on Instagram stories.  I quit Snapchat because I was managing too many social media channels... Blog plus Facebook/Instagram/Twitter is where I'll stay.  Here's a doodle from when we were watching Rogue One last night.

MUSING... about the beauty in unexpected places.  I traveled to Cincinnati for work this week, and I had no idea about the amount of art deco and beautiful architecture they had in the city.  I walked and explored downtown a bit, and it was just building after building of beauty.  I want to take pictures and see even more next time.

APPLAUDING...  my carbon steel skillet.  It's becoming a new favorite of mine in the kitchen, especially since it's so much lighter than my beloved cast iron.


How was your week?

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