Monday, April 17, 2017

Holler & Dash: Biscuits and Brews

I'd been meaning to get up to Brentwood to try Holler & Dash, a biscuit house concept from the folks who blessed us with Cracker Barrel.  (Note: I have a childhood nostalgia for Cracker Barrel, and it's one of the few places Dan will eat while we're on road trips.)  So when I got invited to a special happy hour (beer and biscuits, y'all!), I grabbed my friend M and headed up there after work.

First off, Holler & Dash has their interior design on point.  It's not a country general store, it's a modern, subway-tiled, wooden, metal, hipster-friendly but also beautiful space.  I love that they have a merchandise area with locally specific things like sauces, coffee, chocolates, and jams.  It makes every restaurant feel less like a chain (there are currently four Holler & Dash restaurants, with more on the way) and more like a local fast casual spot.

While the restaurant is currently focused on breakfast and lunch hours, I think the happy hour concept worked really well during our visit!  We were able to taste local craft brews (and some regional like from Alabama) and some great craft sodas.  Again, they did a great job of incorporating local elements while creating something accessible and delicious.

We had three mini versions of their signature biscuit sandwiches:

  1. Chicken Set Go, with fried chicken, pimento cheese, jalapeno, sorghum
  2. Pork Rambler, with fried pork tenderloin, blackberry butter, fried onion straws
  3. Kickback Chicken, with fried chicken, goat cheese, green onion, sweet pepper jelly with a kick

Full sized biscuits normally run $6-9 depending on the item, and you can even get them on kale or half a biscuit as a healthier option.  The biscuits themselves were sooooo good, and I loved the different flavor combos.  I don't love goat cheese, but the Kickback Chicken ended up being our favorite.  The cheese was mild, and in combination with everything else it was totally delish.  M and I both agreed that we'd love to come back and try their tater tot bowl, because it sounds right up our alley too.  I also enjoyed the craft soda, especially if you're craving something on the sweet side.

All in all, I'll definitely back for some fast casual biscuits in Brentwood... it's just an easy pick (with free parking) and they're putting in my favorite ice cream across the street.  Gosh, I love Tennessee!

Thank you to Holler & Dash for sponsoring this event and inviting me!

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