Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Lately: Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting, Craving

I haven't been blogging lately, because life.  But these Sunday Lately posts, when I can make them, are an easy way for my to recap what's happening!

I have really enjoyed creating things using Canva, from blog images to brochures for DAR and things...  I've also been using Powerpoint for my chapter's DAR newsletter, which I enjoy.  I don't know why, but I find something soothing in creating aesthetically pleasing things, printables, and even doodling in my planner.   I'm being seduced right now by the idea of getting a Cricut.  I mean, think of the things I could monogram, custom planner stickers I could create, all the things!  But I've decided not to bite the bullet until after grad school, because do I really have the time to play with it?  (Anyone have one and can provide pros/cons?  Is this something I want for my birthday?)

Worth it???

Lately, I've been finding the back of my eyelids.  HAHA.  And that's about it.  We've been talking about starting a family, but I don't even have my shit together in terms of the basic work-eat-sleep game right now!  Maybe it's because I was traveling to Texas last week, and I have Michigan coming up this week...  different temperatures, flights, irregular sleep patterns, and more.

Languages!  Sort of.  Slowly.  My mother is Korean and my father was in the Army, so when I was a kid I spent time living in Germany and Korea.  I went to a German kindergarten, and I was in immersion-style classes in Korean for the two of the five years that we lived there... as a result, I love foreign languages.  I speak pretty fluent French, some basic Spanish, and I know a couple of words in Swahili and Arabic.  But while I know how to read written Korean out loud, I have the speaking abilities of a toddler!

So now, on Saturdays, I go to Korean school for a few hours.  There are multiple adult classes where I go, and they bumped me into Intermediate, which feels a little bit rigorous for me.  I was honestly surprised to find that I was in the minority of adults in the class who had a Korean family background; most, it seems, are in love with Korean culture (music, TV dramas, travel) and learning because of that.  It almost makes me feel delinquent, but better to start late than never, right?

I will say this... learning a language in your 30s is so different from learning in middle/high school, even college.  Woof.  와우!  Yikes.

I've been forgetting to eat healthy, because I'm just trying not to forget to eat or take care of myself in general.  It's basic survival mode lately!  But I haven't been forgetting to moisturize; I have been remembering to pamper my skin a bit with a Korean sheet mask just about every other day!  Here's a scary pic:

Salty food.  Then I eat it and get bloated.  Hello, French fries.  Hello, chips and queso.  SALT SALT SALT is all I want!

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