Monday, February 29, 2016

Budgeting Bloggers: February 2016

Overall, I'd say February was a slower shopping month for me.  Most of my purchases were focused on DAR or other items that I like that don't go into my closet.  So while I spent my fun money (as usual, let's be real) it wasn't all spent on my wardrobe.  I would say that this month ended up being the month of the wrap dress, because the one I got from Stitch Fix was so nice it inspired me to look for more.  I found some great deals!

  1. Necklaces from Mia's Mirror, ($12 each):  I was traveling for work to San Antonio, and while browsing a huge HEB Plus store (the chain is only in Texas) I stumbled into their central boutique and saw a couple of beautiful necklaces that I wanted to take home!  I usually spent more on similar necklaces at boutiques, so they felt kind of like a good deal.  Mia's Mirror is kind of like a Charming Charlie in the middle of the store.  I don't know how I could grocery shop there without picking up a little something every time!  I've already worn one of the necklaces multiple times, with compliments always!
  2. Dress and Top from Stitch Fix ($78 and $54):  See my review of these items here.  I chose the dress because the wrap style was super flattering, and the top was the perfect layering piece for underneath my standard cardigan and blazer for work.  I wore these both on a business trip and they were perfect!
  3. LuLaRoe Black Leggings (x2, $50 total):  Because I live in them, and they finally have plentiful solid-colored leggings!  Woohoo!  Black leggings are always an important staple in my closet.  Check out my thoughts about LuLaRoe here, from someone who doesn't sell it.  It's one of my most popular posts!
  4. Liz Claiborne 3/4-Sleeve Wrap Dress in navy and black prints (originally $60 each, paid $25 and $30) I have this problem where I get excited about something that looks good on me, like a wrap dress, and I want more.  There was a President's Day weekend sale at JCPenney, and I found two more wrap dresses that were $25-30 each after sales and discounts.  I chose to ship to store to save $9 on shipping, too.
$261 spent -  $65 sold/earned = $196 total spent in February
$65 savings

Quarter Budget: $454 - $196 in February  = $258 left for March 

Next month is my birthday, so I'll have a few birthday gifts in the mix probably.  I will say I haven't been as motivated to buy clothes lately, probably because of my winter weight; it makes me not want to invest!  I've been spending quite a bit on beauty products to pamper my skin, so hopefully I will be able to recap those here soon.

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Oh, and here's a picture of how I wore my new Stitch Fix blouse with a J. Crew cardigan.  Cardigans and blazers are my unofficial work uniform after all!

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