Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Target Threshold Bar Cart "Hack"

I've had a longtime crush on the Sedgewick bar cart from Society Social, but its $700 price tag was not something I could justify spending at this point.  Then my friend C tipped me off that there was a Threshold gold bar cart at Target on sale that could be the perfect match for me... and I snagged it for $100!  It came in one piece, no assembly required.

The Sole Society Cart //  My Threshold Bar Cart

The downside to the Target bar cart was the lack of storage for stemware and wine, which helps make use of some of the vertical space between the top and bottom shelves.  I found a stemware holder ($25) and wine bottle holder ($15) on Amazon made to go under kitchen cabinets, and I got a can of gold spray paint ($5) to make them match the cart.  You can buy the holders in other colors, but I chose whatever color was cheapest and qualified for Amazon Prime, which in this case was brass and a dark bronze.  Dan painted the pieces for me., and it turned out to be a great match!

After the paint dried, he screwed the pieces into the cart, under the top shelf.   I am not worried about the stemware holding up, but I do want to be sure the two wine bottles don't overstress the shelf; I put two of my cheaper bottles in to test the strength.  I will report back if I have any lasting concerns, but so far it looks pretty good!  I needed that extra space to store glassware in my apartment.

I haven't had time to style/stock the cart yet, but I'm getting excited at the prospect.  I will have to share the results when I do.  But all in all, I'm very happy with how my $145 investment in a bar cart turned out, especially compared to the $700 price tag on the inspiration.  Maybe someday I'll upgrade, but for now I'm proud of this little "hack" of sorts!

Update (8/16/2015):  No issues with the bar cart to date!  Here's a peek at how it looks today.  The wine bottles have been there ever since, so no issues if you install the hardware well!


  1. That worked out awesome! It looks like it was made that way.

  2. Thank you! I checked the wine bottles this morning and can't tell that there's any negative stress on the cart, so I'm really happy with it.

  3. Great hack. I really liked the look of the Target bar cart, but even $100 was a bit pricey for my student budget so I diyed one from a utility cart for $25

  4. Love your DIY! I remember those student days... It's all about your relative budget at that chapter in your life, right? I need to get into local thrift stores more often.


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