Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Favorites v.4

This shirt is actually covered entirely from the text of Jane Eyre. YES.

I cried at work watching this proposal!  Such a perfectly planned surprise!
I'm surprised I'd never seen it before, as I love proposal vids.

Can you believe this is the same guy, but using coverup?
Watch the video proof!  It's from 2011 but I hadn't seen it.

Little Benji the pygmy goat kid just makes me SQUEE.
He won't stay that little for long, but aren't his little jumps and kicks adorable?

Kittens.  In sweaters!

My two new favorite potions...
This detox shampoo has an amazing mint smell and tingle. I don't even need conditioner anymore!
This moisturizing creme was $8 at Sam's Club and goes on my face (and elbows, knees, etc.)
every night so I wake up with baby-soft skin!

+ We love Pixar movies, and this trailer for Inside Out looks great!

+  This Afghanistan vet was reunited with his beloved dog that his ex surrendered while he was away.  It makes me angry it happened, but reading about the dog's reaction is priceless and heartwarming.

+  I was a long-distance runner, so reading (and watching video) about Kayla Montgomery's running career with multiple sclerosis gave me chills.  The dedication of this girl, her family, and her coach is inspiring.  I'm lucky to have had great coaches in my life!

+I saw this via Kaelah's blog and I LOVED IT.  Mindy Kaling, be my bestie. 33 Times Mindy Kaling Was The Queen Of 2014.

+ Sabrina Benaim's poetry speaks to me!  Love her!  One of her poems has been on Upworthy, "Explaining My Depression to My Mother", but you have to check out more than one.  :::poetry slam snaps:::

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  1. Oh look, he can get a job now….was that mean? I'm not trying to be mean, but let's face it, it's hard to find employment when you have that many tattoos…unless it's actually working at a tattoo parlor. Oh the wonders of that well applied make up can do!

  2. Not mean, because if you watch the video, he actually jokes that he could go interview for a job now, or prank a friend! But he is an artist/actor who works in freakshows/sideshows, so this is part of his life personally and professionally I suppose.

    Dan has tons of tattoos, but he won't get any that are visible while wearing a business suit; he is opposed to tattoos on hands and face and other places that can't be covered professionally, unless you're a tattoo artist or celebrity musician or something where you can get away with it.

  3. His name is Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy and his tattoos are his job, for modelling and what not. Surely you've seen him in that one Lady Gaga music video... haha I think its odd people get judged by their tattoos even if they are fully covered, because as you can see from the video he's actually quite the sweet heart.

  4. I work in a corporate office, and there is a girl who has a little foot tattoo that she puts a bandaid over every time she wears shoes that don't cover it! She's scared to be judged for a little star on her foot.

    I don't see anything wrong with body modification; it's freedom of expression and speech. If he was out there complaining about not being able to get a job in a traditional setting, then he might not have as much of a leg to stand on because of his choices. But it's obvious to me that he has a career (hello, makeup sponsorship, Lady Gaga, etc.!) and is happy with his choices, which I respect. :)


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