Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites v.1

Tons of bloggers do a weekly favorites feature, and these roundups are some of my favorite blog posts to read...  I click all the links!  I read so many things on the Internet every week, and I feel like putting them here in my own space is a great way to share all the things I'm reading, watching, and taking in... so enjoy!

I want a house, and a bar cart in that house.  This one is styled so perfectly!

 I dislike heart-shaped jewelry pieces, but this anatomically correct heart pendant?
I would totally wear that.  It's geek chic.

These phone wallpapers are my favorite.
Audrey at Oh So Lovely is a must-follow for her freebie wallpapers and printables!

Kitten Therapy...  definitely something I can get behind!

I love vintage-inspired dresses, and this Bernie Dexter dress made me smile.
I think that I might allow myself to buy one beautiful dress per month in 2015 to get started.

I'm an unapologetic Taylor Swift fan, and I'm noticing even the haters
have moments like this SNL skit.

Katie at Life with a Dash of Whimsy took some tacky-looking ceramic pineapple jars
and have them a white-and-gold makeover.  I love the before/after!

+ My favorite weekly favorites roundup: Kaelah's Things I Love Thursday.  Probably my biggest inspiration behind this new feature, because she loves the internet as much as I do.

Stop asking women if we're pregnant.  Seriously.  I probably just had a big meal.  Great writing!!!

+ My blogger buddy Meghan at Hayes Days recently celebrated her 5th wedding anniversary, and I got my first look at her wedding photos since I got only to know her this year... and THAT DRESS.  Love!

+ One my of middle school friends is a comment featured in this Forbes article on why women struggle with Kim Kardashian's greatest business "asset" in response to discussion of Kim as a woman leader and entrepreneur...  not sure where I stand yet on defining her as such, though I think her brand and ability to make tons of money is kind of brilliant despite my disdain for her in general.  (Note: I do like Khloe and Scott.)

+ I want to make this apple cider sangria from How Sweet It Is.  It looks (and I imagine, tastes) like fall.

+  And I want to bake this bourbon-pecan pie...  I tore its page out of my Food + Wine magazine, and it happens to be a recipe by Cheryl Day from Savannah's Back in the Day Bakery, which I used to love visiting when I lived nearby.  I even have an autographed copy of their cookbook.

+ My Datevitation giveaway is one of my favorites right now too!  Enter to win a FREE customized coupon book to give to your loved one!

Flashback Favorite:  In November 2012, I posted about my experience at opening night for the Annie revival on Broadway!

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  1. Thanks to my awesome friend, I just got this Target bar cart on sale for about $100 (after 20% off sale and 5% Target RedCard deal! Score!


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