Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Budgeting Bloggers: November 2014

November was not a heavy shopping month... but I already know that December will probably put me over my self-imposed budget given I can't resist sales and impulse buys.  I love everything I got this month!  It's all being worn and used, which is a great sign.  My closet is much more efficient and compact than it used to be, if that makes sense.

  1. Old Navy Quilted Zip-Front Vest in Forest Floor (originally $35, on sale for $30+ discount):  Yes, I have this in black.  I had $40 in Old Navy dollars to use, and I decided to use that, plus free shipping, to get some more basics for the fall/winter.  I wear my black vest so much, I needed another option!  Such a great layering piece.
  2. Old Navy Rockstar Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in Rise (originally $35):  I am a pair of skinny jeans short after having to toss a couple of pairs, so these fill an important gap in my closet.  Mid-rise is my friend!  I can't stand low-rise pants anymore.  Until I hit my happy place in terms of weight, I'll live in Old Navy jeans instead of investing in pricier ones.
  3. Old Navy Terry-Fleece Skinny Sweatpants in Heather Grey (originally $27):  These just looked perfect for the cooler weather and lounging around at home!  I won't wear them out, but I included them here because, well, accountability.  (I'm not sure about the price of my Old Navy items after sale price and the $40 Old Navy dollars I had, because I did the math and then subtracted returns... and lost the calculations.  Sorry.)
  4. ELLE Eyelet Fit and Flare Dress in Flirty Pink (retail $68, FREE):  My Mom bought be a great pink dress on clearance at Kohl's... FREE to me, and a great savings!  It will get more wear in the spring, though I may try my hand at layering it this winter for a pop of pink.
  5. Lucky Brand Chain Tassel Necklace in Gold (retail $35, paid $21):  I broke the LOFT tassel necklace that I've worn for ages, so I had to hunt online immediately for a replacement!  Lucky won out among the rest because of free shipping; I saw one from another retailer I wanted, but shipping was $9!  I seriously couldn't get by without this go-to accessory; it's the one statement necklace I wear all the time.  This is a great necklace.
$85 spent - $24 sold = $61 total
$142 savings

Quarterly Budget: $400 - $176 October - $61 November = $163 remaining

I'm proud that I actively returned items that I didn't love this month...  it's a big deal for me not to just keep unused stuff in my wardrobe!  I have another big pile of things that will go to Goodwill too, and I'm putting items in my Poshmark closet for sale.  Lastly, I mailed off another bag to thredUP that should be paid next month.

I'm starting to think I might do something different about my quarterly budget next year.  I'm getting really into vintage-inspired dresses (think late 50s and 60s) and I am thinking of getting one beautiful dress per month, then leave a smaller budget per quarter for other things.  We'll see.  Mostly I want to buy some beautiful, quality items vs. lamenting that I didn't get one big purchase because of all the littles.

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  1. I like the idea of setting aside a "special dress" budget. Fran I think last month was talking about her special birthday money that she puts aside. If you don't use your special dress money you should save it or put it in a different fund or whatever. I feel like shoes could arguably have a separate budget for almost all of us that link up for budgeting bloggers. (Most) shoes and boots are necessities and I don't fault anyone for going over because they needed a pair of boots or replace a pair of black pumps.

  2. Yeah, I had to consider whether to count the sweatpants or not since I won't be wearing them outside the house... I don't count camis and underwear, but should I count workout clothes? And so on... I think next year I'll be in a good place where I can make less impulsive decisions and more deliberate ones.

  3. You did great this month. I just ordered my third Old Navy vest yesterday with the Black Friday sales. Stopping by via Fran's. :)

  4. Thanks for visiting! Those Old Navy vests are so nice and warm, a great layering piece... I'd collect them all if I could!


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