Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Husk Nashville

I regret not dining at Husk in Charleston before I moved away from the low country.  My regret continued to grow as Sean Brock was one of the featured chef hosts on PBS's The Mind of a Chef.  So when I heard that Brock had opened a Husk in Nashville's SoBro neighborhood, I was excited to try it... and used a girls' brunch with two wonderful friends as an excuse to make a reservation.

Husk is remarkable because the menu changes daily, depending on what is in season, what has been sourced (all in the South!), and probably however the chefs are feeling.  They even have their own on-site garden!

It was impossible to decide what to eat.  We kicked off with cocktails (mimosas and a bloody mary) and AB ordered some deviled eggs to try.  I don't even like deviled eggs, but these were good!  For starters (because, why not?), I ordered an indulgent Bourbon & Brown Sugar Bread Pudding with butterscotch sauce and vanilla sweet cream... and it was HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH.  I wish I could have one of those every day.  It was just decadent and perfection.

For my meal, I ordered the HUSK Fried Chicken.  I laughed when macaroni & cheese arrived as a "Southern vegetable", but this has happened before.  What surprised me about the dish was that it was HOT chicken!  AB remarked that she preferred the Charleston restaurant, as it was more traditionally low-country (her grits were more brothlike than creamy), and I agreed that it seemed this restaurant made a real effort to be a Nashville institution vs. imitating its Charleston counterpart.  While I was expecting regular fried chicken, I was not disappointed with what came to me.  The biscuit was delicious, natch.

Overall, I would definitely come back to Husk for a special meal.  Because the menu is never the same, it feels like you would never tire of it the freshness!  The service is great, though the food takes a little while, probably because it is made to order like it should be.  Oh, and there's PARKING!  Talk about a special Nashville spot.  I highly recommend you make reservations, as they do book up in advance.

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  1. That place always smells amazing in Charleston. I love to pass by. This meal looks delicious. I want it in my belly right now.

  2. I am more than willing to splurge on a great meal. My gluten-free friend was accommodated well too, though she missed out on the biscuits.


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