Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Sutler

I'm not quite on the cutting edge of the Nashville restaurant scene; I dabble in trying new places, so it often takes me a while.  But when my friend JL and I needed to grab a bite before a show at TPAC, it seemed like an appropriate time to try something new: we went to The Sutler in Melrose.

The Sutler definitely has a saloon-like atmosphere, with reclaimed hardwood and cowboy boot decor.  It's located next to Sinema, another pretty new restaurant, all in the up-and-coming Melrose neighborhood.  You wouldn't expect this super-cool restaurant across the street from a pawn shop, but it's there!

For my drink, I had think what I had was the East Bound (didn't get a menu pic!), described as a strawberry soda with a kick.  There was another drink I'd wanted but they didn't have the ingredients for, and what I ended up with was something strawberry with a very interesting finish.  We asked about it because it felt like a spicy floral, and it was some kind of liqueur or bitters that gave the effect.  Not bad for a fresh-tasting beverage; not sure if I'd get the same one again, but I like the creativity and would be into tasting more concoctions.

For starters, we had the Sutler Queso Spread jar, which was chilies, cheddar, gouda and belle chevre, spiced peanuts, and saltine crackers.  There was also a really delicious jelly served too.  Overall, we wished the queso was more like *queso*, vs. a spreadable cheese.  Dipping not spreading.  The jelly was probably our favorite topping for the saltines.

For our main meal, we decided to split the Brussels Sprout Hash and a Bear Creek Brisket Horseshoe, which was brisket, Texas toast, house fries, and a cheddar ale gravy.  I love eggs, so we topped it with a fried egg to boot.  Awesome!  This was definitely the highlight of our meal.  I don't like vegetables, but the Brussels Sprout Hash proved itself to be tasty (and a happily less healthy version of the green stuff I'd expected).  But our absolute favorite was the BBQ stack.  The cheddar gravy was thick but a great complement.  We dug in with forks and cleaned the plate.

Overall, I'd come back to The Sutler.  The service was great, and even though not everything blew my mind, there's enough good there to keep me curious.  I'd love to try their pork fat fries, and maybe one of their "dunks", a sandwich literally served IN a bowl of soup.  Interesting, right?  This place has a great ambiance and pretty solid eats.  Oh, and PARKING!  :)

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