Thursday, September 25, 2014

Base Shaper for Purses

When I bought my new Madewell Transport tote, I was worried about stretching the leather out because I tend to overload tote bags.  After all, I'm an MBA student... my Levenger, iPad, and MacBook go all over the place with me!

Bourbon and Bear like approve!

I turned to Google for solutions, and happened upon a post on a blog I've frequented regularly, Putting Me Together, reviewing Base Shapers.  Because when leather stretches out of shape, it stays that way!  While the Base Shapers website isn't anything pretty to look at (even my Gmail thought my order might be spam), I was able to take the measurements from the inside of my Transport Tote and see that the Prada BN1786 had the same dimensions I needed.  I received my order quickly, so despite looking sketchy, the website is legit.

$22 is not cheap for a piece of plastic.  But after making an investment in my Madewell bag, and realizing that I've been carrying it nonstop since I bought it, I decided that I needed to take care of it.  Having the shaper in the base has made a huge difference.  It's a little weird to look into my purse and see my reflection in the plastic, but I can choose to pop it up and simply carry it when the load is light, and ensure I use it when the load is bigger.   It also helps the tote stand when I have to set it down, instead of flopping over!

Just check out the difference in photos, of the bag holding the exact same load.  I can see how over time my tote would get wonky and out of shape!

My Transport Tote, Before/After, including my MacBook Pro inside!

I paid for my own Base Shaper and decided to review it here to share with others...  Has anyone else experiences bag sag in a purse?  I don't want my new baby to get stretched!

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  1. You are full of so many good ideas! I will remember this when I buy a new bag!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  2. I shamelessly steal ideas like this from Googling other people's ideas! :)


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