Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Best: Chambray & Coral

I missed last Sunday's link-up (didn't take any outfit photos) but snapped another work outfit (sans makeup) in the hot sun to share with you!  I was on the hunt for months for the perfect denim/chambray shirtdress, but none of them fit my body type well.  I figured out that what I really wanted was more of a retro silhouette.  So were did I go?  eShakti, of course!   This one wasn't a c/o gift, but something I purchased on my own based on my love for the dress they gifted me.

I bought this eShakti Retro Denim Shirtdress in July.  They keep sending me $25 discounts that layer on to their current sales, so I keep biting.  It is so comfy!  I can wear it with or without my petticoat for varying fullness.  It's also a great neutral, which means my coral purse and shoes totally go along with it.  If I had to describe this outfit in one word, I'd have to say effortless.  It's all so easy it feels like cheating.

Dress: eShakti
Sunnies: H&M
Shoes:  Bait Footwear (similar)
Purse:  Coach Outlet (similar: splurge, save)

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  1. So cute!!! I'm a sucker for chambray.

  2. Thanks! My only dislike of chambray is it often needs ironing... but I do love the look! I'm embarrassed to say I have a great chambray shirt from Old Navy that I don't wear enough because I haven't ironed it.

  3. oooooh! The coral with the chambray is my favorite! Gorgeous purse. eShakti is so amazing. I've purchased from them several times and once prior to their c/o offering. Such investment pieces! They're so perfect. I love that dress on you too.

  4. I almost sold the purse on Poshmark, but then I delisted it. You can't beat a good crossbody, but I've never been one to wear the bright colors in a bag. Now so long as I have the shoes, I feel like they go hand in hand.

  5. I recently bought a chambray dress on poshmark and seriously, it is my new go to. It is gonna carry me through every season and people will be sick of seeing me in it!

  6. I'll never get sick of seeing YOU, Kimmie! (hint hint, I miss you)

  7. So cute and classy. Lovely as always, Miss Aubrey!


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