Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I ate the Big Apple.

I spent a week in New York (the city and upstate with friends) eating my face off, of course.  I mean, it's New York!  WARNING: lots of photos ahead... but it's my blog and I'll overload if I want to.
As part of a group for work, we had beers on the roof of Eataly, at La Birreria.  There was a great selection on tap, and the place was absolutely jam-packed.  You could sit and eat, but it was standing room only if you didn't want to wait.  So we stood, drank, and noshed!  It seemed like a hipster paradise; we even spotted one of the guys from the latest Bachelorette season, according to one of my coworkers.

La Birreria
La Birreria on Urbanspoon

Our hotel was just a few blocks from Koreatown, so I made sure to get my BBQ fix while I was there.  Kalbi, of course!

We also went on a walking tour that included Chelsea Market (The Doughnuttery was my favorite, with the Paris Time doughnut) and Bleecker Street Pizza (the hot and delicious Nonna Maria, of course).  I was bummed I didn't have a chance to stop at Big Gay Ice Cream, but it was a great walk through the city.

The Doughnuttery at Chelsea Market
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Nonna Maria at Bleecker Street Pizza
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The "cronut" is the hot ticket in baked goods, so I grabbed one from Paris Baguette in Ktown.  I must admit it was just okay... I think I'd prefer a good croissant or donut and not a combo of them both.

Our group had a custom menu from Sopra, a group dining experience with a Mediterranean flair.  We had burrata, pasta with oxtail ragout, hot baby chicken and corn, and a ricotta cheesecake with cherry compote.  The wine flowed all night, and by the end I was falling asleep from a food coma!  One of my coworkers is a culinary school grad, and we agreed it was a delicious feast.

Dinner at Sopra
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After my work was completed, I met up with my cousin for tapas at Tia Pol, which was absolutely amazing.  We had tortilla espanola, chorizo, croquetas, gambas, and patatas bravas.  The potatoes were probably my favorite of all.  This is one of my cousin's favorite restaurants, and while the total bill wasn't cheap, it was all tasty and good.  Definitely reminded me of Spain.

Tia Pol
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After a week in the city, I headed north to the home of one of my BFFs.  She is expecting my goddaughter later this year!  We picked wild blueberries, painted the nursery, and even went for a trail run.  The entire time, she spoiled me with her from-scratch cooking, including chicken pot pie, raspberry and peach cobbler, cornmeal and blueberry pancakes, and more.  Seriously, more than is pictured.

Chicken Pot Pie

Cobbler and Pancakes

I think it's safe to say that I ate the entire Big Apple.

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  1. Eataly is ALWAYS insane. I went to dinner at the pasta/pizza place with a friend on a Monday evening, about 8:00. I figured there might be some wait, but less than on a weekend. Nope, still an hour wait. I've never not seen that place packed to the gills, but the food is so good!

  2. I think it's safe to say this made me super hungry even though I just ate an hour again! Damn the power of photography! I am intrigued my cronuts, but having never eaten one, worried they wouldn't live up to the hype. I am also sad you missed the Big Gay Ice Cream truck. I have heard all about that amazing truck and it's on my list because soft serve ice cream is a weakness of mine.

  3. Even though I didn't get the copyrighted, original cronut, I just don't think it's worth the hype. Big Gay Ice Cream also has a shop in Chelsea, so you don't have to find the truck!


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