Monday, January 13, 2014

Kate's Kitchen

When my coworkers and I were figuring out a place to eat lunch one weekday, we decided to check out a fairly new place near our office: Kate's Kitchen.  We already love MacK & Kate's Cafe, so another restaurant from the same owners sounded like a great thing to try.

Located next to PortaVia in Cool Springs, this little gem has a country-meets-French vibe.  You order at the counter (they serve breakfast and lunch most days, dinner some nights) and then they bring your food out to you.

For lunch, I ordered my go-to favorite: a Croque Madame.  This was awesome, much more authentic than the giant one served at J. Alexander's.  I would come back for this sandwich whenever I want a taste of Paris!  My coworkers tried the quiche and loved it, as well as the famous macaroni and cheese.  I sampled a bit of a warm muffin too, which was sinfully good.  Everyone loved the chili too.

Croque Madame
Later in the week, Dan and I stopped in for a weekend breakfast before running errands.  I had a delicious breakfast croissant.  The croissant itself was perfect, just like a French bakery makes.  The downside?  There was no barista on a Saturday AM, so Dan could not order the specialty coffee listed on the menu.  Also, the service, much like in France, is a bit slow.  Even taking orders at the counter, with a pretty empty restaurant, took a bit of time.

I really wish they served breakfast crepes/galettes, given their French flair, but I did enjoy my meal.

Based on the prices, I'm not sure it will be a breakfast/dinner spot for me very often.  I do still think they're working on the kinks being pretty new on the scene.  But I think it will be a good spot near the office when I want to grab a lunch out, because you can't beat the adorable decor and solid sandwich skills.  It's like a little bit of Paris in Cool Springs.

Breakfast Croissant

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  1. I adore your restaurant reviews - I kind of wish I lived closer so I could try your cool places out. I automatically love any "croque" sandwich - bread, meat and melty cheese sauce? Yes!

    1. My blog is starting to be more and more restaurant reviews posts, right? Well, food, shopping, and travel. And cats.

      But I just can't resist the food porn. I will admit I really only review restaurants that I like. If they're bad or meh, I'm just not hardcore enough to do negative reviews. So you'll hear the good, but not the bad!

      And if you would ever like to spend a weekend in Franklin/Nashville, I have a queen-sized guest bed and a heck of a lot of craft beer. And wine too. Always wine. It's like AirBnB but free.

  2. Went to Mack and Kate's last week for the first time and fell in love. So cute and the service and beverages are stellar! I was very impressed with everything.

    1. I need to get back to Mack & Kate's! I would say Kate's Kitchen is its casual, everyday little sister joint.


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